Up until recently I have made my living as a commercial fisherman. Working with my hands is my passion and I have come to the conclusion that woodworking is what I want to do when I grow up. The magic of dreaming up an object and making it flesh is very powerful to me.

I started on my woodworking path 10 years ago when I was trying to furnish my house. I needed a nightstand and I just couldn’t bring myself to pay what the furniture stores were asking for their idea of a night stand. I got a cheap dovetail saw and a $50 set of chisels and started to teach myself to join wood.

I have developed an approach to designing and building furniture that is centered on solid wood, traditional joinery, and tools that don’t plug in. It takes time and it is expensive when compared to what you can buy at the furniture outlet. I don’t follow fads and I want to build things that will be cherished and handed down through generations. I want to make things that will never be left on the sidewalk with a “free” sign on them.