I am passionate about craft.  I have worked with my hands since high school and learned to love acquiring new skills and the efficiency and speed that come with the practice of those skills.  I have spent most of my working life as a commercial fisherman here in Alaska.  Fishing taught me to master hand skills, how to organize my work and how to learn to do it accurately and efficiently.  I also learned the mental peace and focus being present in your work affords. I started my woodworking practice in earnest a decade ago to help furnish my house with something better than I could buy. I started by cutting dovetails in pine.


My practice remains centered around hand tool joinery with solid wood.  I intend to build furniture this way to honor traditional craft and to achieve the aesthetics and quality of my favorite genres: Shaker and Danish Modern.  The things we live with and use every day can be beautiful and of high quality. They can and I believe should survive to be handed down and used and cherished by our children and theirs. These are the type of things I aim to make.  


I view my woodworking as a practice.  I am constantly trying to expand both my design and building skills. Seeing my own progress and growth in the things I build is incredibly satisfying.  I enjoy developing designs on my own, and working with clients to design and build exactly what the want.